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“I am only one,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything,

But still I can do something;

And because I cannot do everything,

I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”



This is Grace’s story in her mother’s words, after being told on 23rd October 2014 that their beautiful little girl had cancer.  


“Just 5 days earlier Grace was happy and at school. This picture was taken the same day she was admitted to hospital with sudden stomach pain. Some of you may recognise the backdrop, the much loved Spetchley Park Gardens. Grace never had the chance to return.


It was from this day that all we knew fell apart.


Initially Grace's tumour was thought to be a stage 1 or 2 Wilms with no spread so we were given a relatively optomistic outlook.


Just 4 days later, the medics changed their minds on re-reviewing the scans. They decided that there was evidence of spread to the lungs, but still a good chance of curative management.


Grace declined rapidly and suffered greatly. It was not until the histology came back that it was realized Grace had a deadly malignant rhabdoid tumour, and it was growing faster than anyone could possibly imagine.


Her chances of survival were 0.


Our beautiful girl passed away in my arms the very next day, less than 3 weeks after first becoming unwell, aged 4 1/4.


Today, 11 more children and young people have been diagnosed with cancer in the UK. 11 more families in the position that we were in.


Out of these 11 children, 3 will not survive 5 years. A terrifying statistic.


Those that do still live with the fear of relapse and secondary cancers as well as often have life long disabilities that the cancer and the treatment itself has caused.


This is why we are fighting in Grace's memory for kinder and more effective treatments for all the chidlren who develop this terrible disease. I know it is what she would have wanted us to do.”


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