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“I am only one,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything,

But still I can do something;

And because I cannot do everything,

I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”



By Guitars 4 Good, Sep 27 2017 03:54PM

Below is a post I today put on the Guitars 4 Good Facebook page.

Something came to light a few days ago due to my own fundraising attempts. A friend of mine said that people questioned why fundraising was continuing for Mia Chambers when they have more than enough needed for her to have treatment.

I hope therefore this post helps people to understand the nature of fundraising a little more, and why it still has to continue after the child in question has enough funding for *initial* treatment.

I shall use little Lottie (one of the children featured on the G4G website) as an example.

Lottie has been fighting neuroblastoma since June 2016 when she was diagnosed at just 2 years old.

Earlier this summer she was declared in remission. Sadly however, for Lottie and the other children in her situation, the fundraising need does not end there!

You see, children with neuroblastoma in particular have a high chance of relapse. If and when that happens they need to have funds in readiness for urgent treatment.

In Lottie’s case, her family and Solving Kids Cancer (who focus on children with neuroblastoma) made the decision in August to start an urgent fundraising appeal to enable her to have a clinical trial vaccine (in New York) to reduce greatly her chance of relapse. Sadly, Lottie currently has an 85% chance of relapsing!

The below link, to Lottie’s page on the Solving Kids’ Cancer website, will explain the nature of her illness and why funds are still needed – but here is a quote from that page:

“Relapse rates for neuroblastoma are high, and the survival rate for relapsed neuroblastoma is less than 10%. This statistic worsens with every relapse. Relapsed neuroblastoma is particularly challenging to treat and there are limited options to treat it; all of which exist in the form of clinical trials, some in the UK and some abroad.”


In her parents’ own words from Lottie’s Facebook page:

“We have been fundraising for a while, however this is becoming increasingly urgent, and we have 5-6 weeks to raise the remaining 130K, as Lottie needs to fly to New York in October.

We must have the funds in place by the end of September in order for her to receive treatment.

We need to act quickly, if Lottie relapses she becomes ineligible for the vaccine.”

It’s not a simple disease. It’s not as simple as ‘take some medicine, get better, end of story’. It does not end there. Their fight continues for quite some time.

Attached to this post is a photograph of something that Lottie’s family put on Twitter yesterday. Please note what they say:

“Funds will be kept in Lottie’s name for 5 yrs!! After that, the monies will be used for research into neuroblastoma”.

I hope this post helps people to understand why fundraising continues for Mia Chambers, Lottie and other little ones in the same situation.

By Guitars 4 Good, Sep 22 2017 09:51PM

Whatever happens tomorrow (Saturday 23rd) at the gig, promotion wise things have gone well. The bands have all been interviewed on Radio Tircoed and promoted by Darren Warner on GTFM Radio.

My press release was given a whole page (page 3 too) in the local paper.

Also the poster was re-tweeted by Catatonia front lady Cerys Matthews to her 73,000+ followers.

So ... fingers crossed for a decent turn out for 3 amazing South Wales rock bands and also a good cause.

By Guitars 4 Good, Sep 13 2017 01:37AM

Only a week and a half to go until 'Gigging 4 Gold.

The three bands playing the gig have all been interviewed on Radio Tircoed's Rock Show with Carlo and Martyn, and Darren Warner from GTFM Radio has also plugged the gig.

I have other plans to give it a big push in the week before the gig.

Some people who cannot attend have said they want to donate something, which is very kind and very much appreciated.

I have Solving Kids' Cancer wristbands to sell at the gig too, the proceeds from any sales is for a little local girl with neuroblastoma Mia Chambers.

The gig is dedicated to the memory of Eva Bevan from Ebbw Vale, who lost her fight against neuroblastoma earlier this year.

By Guitars 4 Good, Jul 9 2017 06:12PM

Neuroblastoma, the most aggressive of childhood cancers, is called 'rare' ... yet 3 children have died because of it in the past 6 weeks, in Wales, Scotland and England.

Please let’s remember them all:

Eva Bevan, South Wales

Died 25th May, 2017 aged 7

Eileidh Rose Paterson, Scotland

Died 1st July, 2017 aged 6

Bradley Lowery, England

Died 7th July, 2017 aged 7